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Auto Dent Express is popular among the natives of Lewisville, as a reliable automotive dent repair and removal service provider. We are recognized for providing smart repairs by using least intrusive method for dent repair at affordable rates. Our company is acknowledged for presenting quick and great results. We are leading automotive repair firm, addressing small to medium sized repair with the help of upgraded technique and technology for error free and fast results.

Auto Body Dent Repair


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Paintless Dent Repair and Removal
Remove small dents and dings

Most of our dent removal task is carried out by our professionals therefore you can..

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Hail Damage Repair Specialists
Paintless dent repair and removal

Paintless dent repair and removal is an interesting and innovating procedure..

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Remove Small Dents and  Dings
Auto body dent repair

We safely remove the dents from your car to prevent major expense or loss. Auto Dent express..

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Car Door Ding Repair Specialist
Hail damage repair services

We understand, when hail storm hits, it is difficult to prevent the damage to your car but..

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Innovative Technologies for automotive dent repairs

When it comes to restoring your vehicle to the original state, that is the pre-accident appearance, and then your vehicle is in the right hands. Auto Dent Repair is the right choice and a one-stop shop that offers a complete solution for restoring the look of your automobile. We repair the dent without affecting the factory paint!

When it comes to car hail damage repair, the technicians from our company use their experience and knowledge to restore the damage. The moment you notice the damage in your car due to hail, get in touch with us without any second thought as the longer you take in mending the damage, the greater will be the cost of repair.

Restore the appearance of your car

In Lewisville, our company specializes in car hail damage repair. Whether your car has just got a crack or the paints have peeled off, we can fix the issues without wasting time. Our company is successful in keeping our clients happy by meeting the requirements of car dent repair.

In addition to dent repair, we are car insurance specialists too, helping you in meeting the expenses occurring for minor dent repairs to some of the major automotive repair tasks. Our automotive dent repair and removal is designed to help our clients in restoring the appearance of their used vehicle for sale or for future use. Hail damage is an expensive situation for every car owner but we will assist you in obtaining your car insurance thus reducing the burden and tension of car repair. Contact us for further information!