About Us

Our Certified Technicians Help to Preserve the Value of Your Car

Auto Dent Express is a local auto repair company in Lewisville and surrounding areas. Our work mainly comprises of hail damage repair, auto dent repair and so on. We do not consider any work too small or big; our focus is on rendering flawless results for every project we undertake. Since the establishment of our company, we are known as an exceptional hail damage repair specialists and have a record of providing ideal solutions for thousands of dent repair job.

Car Hail Damage Repair

The uniqueness of our technical team

We employ Technicians that have experience, education, and are certified with a degree of dealing with auto repair. Technicians from our firm are working for a number of years by now, therefore, have experience in using their expertise. Our team enhances their understanding and knowledge about the car repair and how to treat the customers to build a healthy business relation.

Experts from our firm have a friendly approach towards our clients and prefer treating them the way we want to be treated by others. Our success is dependent on the quality of customer service and for having an excellent team of certified dent technicians. Auto Dent Express is different from other companies due to various reasons but it is our technical team that takes the credit.

Our vision:

We aim at being a car door ding repair specialist and have worked on all kinds of cars for its repair. At our workshop, you do not have to wait for your turn. We are well equipped and have enough facilities to attend you immediately without wasting time. You will have to wait only if the damage to your car is greater as fixing the faults will consume time.

Our company is large enough to meet your requirements and small enough for fast results. Our experts fix every model car that is available in the market with the help of the latest tools, technology, and techniques to add another success story. Whether it is paintless dent repair, dent removal, or regular servicing, our firm is your final destination. Hire the assistance of our certified dent technicians!

Auto Body Dent Repair